Shapton Glass Stone 3 Piece Stone Set #500, #2000, #8000S Grit

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  • Shapton Glass Stone 3 Piece Stone Set
  • Revolutionary design with thin glass layers
  • Sharpens faster with high abrasive content
  • No soaking required, start sharpening in seconds
  • Long-lasting stones with reduced wear
  • Wide variety of sharpening stones for different needs

The Shapton Glass Stone series of sharpening stones offers great usability and performance in a thin package formed from layers of glass. These stones are designed to provide a superior sharpening experience, allowing users to achieve the ideal finish for any type of blade. With a wide selection of stones and popular accessories, the Shapton Glass Stone series is highly regarded by sharpening enthusiasts.

Shapton Glass Stones sharpen faster due to their high abrasive content, allowing you to form an edge quickly and efficiently. Unlike traditional stones, Shapton Glass Stones do not require soaking before use. Simply splash on some water and start sharpening in seconds. After use, allow the stones to air dry in indirect sunlight before storing them.

These stones feature Shapton's unique bonding technology, which optimizes the performance of the abrasives, resulting in long-lasting sharpening stones that maintain their effectiveness over time. The Shapton Glass Stone series offers a wide variety of grits to suit different blades, compositions, and sharpening needs, ensuring great sharpening results and a perfect finish.

The Shapton Glass Stone 3 Piece Stone Set includes the following stones:

  1. 500 grit Glass Stone (Medium grit for edge maintenance)
  2. 2000 grit Glass Stone (Medium grit for frequent use and general purpose cutting)
  3. 8000 grit Glass Stone (Fine grit for a light polish and refined edge)

These Glass Stones are thin, light, and strong, thanks to the layers of tempered glass. They are resistant to cracking or sudden breakage caused by external shocks. The abrasives in these stones are also extremely uniform, providing consistent performance from the beginning to the end of the stone's life.

For stability and professional results, it is recommended to use the stones with a Shapton Field Stone Holder.

  • Brand: Shapton
  • Series: Glass Stone
  • Number of Stones: 3
  • Stone Grits: 500, 2000, 8000
  • Stone Type: Super Fine
  • Stone Material: Finely graded ceramic cutting media
  • Stone Size: 210 x 70 x 10mm (Abrasive Layer 5mm)
  • Stone Weight: Approx. 1000g
  • Stone Holder: Shapton Field Stone Holder
  • 1 x 500 grit Glass Stone
  • 1 x 2000 grit Glass Stone
  • 1 x 8000 grit Glass Stone
  • 1 x Shapton Field Stone Holder


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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Davor Palla
great product

Very nice product and quick service my knifes are super sharp, would recommend "ZANVAK" to all Thanks

Jared Johnstone
Awesome kit. Easy to use and will easily last the rest of my life.

First time using and buying whetstones. Everywhere I looked people highly recommend Shapton's sets and I can now understand why. With this kit it was very easy to start on the #500 grit to repair many of our well-worn, weathered and chipped knives at home then moving onto #2000 to better define it and #8000 for polishing. The entire process couldn't have been easier.

Overall a solid kit I can see lasting forever and a very meditative experience both repairing and giving our knives their first proper (non-pullthrough) sharpening. Everybody commented how well our knives were doing being able to cut any ingredients like butter.


Amazing stones
Great shop, good service price and ease of delivery. Thanks!

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