Shapton Glass Stone Seven 25.0 Micron

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  • Comparable to a 500 grit Whetstone
  • Ideal for reprofiling work on very dull knives
  • Thin, light, and strong construction with tempered glass layers
  • High dimensional stability with perfectly matched glass surfaces and anti-slip fittings
  • Dedicated lapping plate for maintaining flatness and peak performance
  • Easy to clean with glass and rubber composition
  • Compact design for comfortable handling and convenient storage

The Shapton Glass Stone Seven 25.0 Micron sharpening stone is designed for reprofiling work on very dull knives. It offers performance comparable to a 500 grit Whetstone, making it ideal for removing significant material and reshaping the blade.

Similar to other Glass Stones, the Glass Stone Seven features a thin, light, and strong construction with layers of tempered glass. This design defies the conventional notion of large and heavy sharpening stones, providing a compact and lightweight alternative without compromising strength and durability. The tempered glass layers offer exceptional resistance to cracking and breakage caused by external shocks such as accidental drops.

The stone holder's glass support ensures extreme flatness, allowing for precise blade sharpening with excellent stability. The perfectly matched glass surfaces of the holder and the sharpening stone minimize the risk of slippage during use. Additionally, the anti-slip fittings on the holder's bottom corners further enhance stability.

To maintain the optimum condition of the sharpening stone's surface, the Glass Stone Seven includes a dedicated lapping plate. This plate enables you to restore the flatness of the stone, essential for high precision sharpening. By lapping the stone before sharpening a blade, you ensure consistent and peak performance from your whetstone.

The Glass Stone Seven is made from glass and rubber, providing easy cleaning and maintenance. Its composition allows for effortless removal of dirt and slurry after sharpening your blades. Additionally, it ensures that your hands stay clean during the sharpening process, allowing you to work in a clean environment without concerns about dirt accumulation.

The compact design of the Glass Stone Seven offers comfortable handling, easy setup, and usability. It is designed for convenience, allowing for effortless storage and portability. With its compact size, you can carry it with you and restore a blade's sharpness promptly whenever you notice a decline in performance.

  • 25.0 Micron Sharpening Stone
  • The "Seven" in the name refers to the 7mm thick layer of abrasive on each stone, which is 2mm thicker than the Shapton HR and HC Series Glass Stones.
  • Stones are mounted on a 5mm thick glass base for stability and durability.
  • Stone dimensions: 160mm x 37mm
  • SKU: 70102
  • Made in Japan


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