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Australia’s Best Knife Grinding and Knife Sharpening Stones

As one of Australia’s leading providers of grinders, diamond plates and sharpening stones, Zanvak can provide quality insight and recommendations to find the equipment to best suit your needs.

Founded by industry experts with extensive experience in blade use, our first and foremost priority is finding a solution that will provide you with superior precision, quality and safety control. If you’re considering upgrading your kit, rely on Zanvak to keep your best work moving along.

We sell only the very best sharpening stones to ensure your knives are good to go time and time again.

We have an extensive range of sharpening stones and knife sharpening stones available to choose from to ensure your best work is not hampered by a blunted blade.

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Wet Stone Grinding Wheels: What To Look For

If you’re upgrading your equipment to include a wet grinding stone, consider the following benefits and what features you should look out for to achieve the most precise trim and blade longevity.

  • Affordability: Most manual kits are more affordable – both at cost and in the long-run – than electric operating systems.
  • Quality control: By manually controlling the sharpening unit, these have less risk of damaging your blades than some machine operated tools.
  • Durability: A durable, hardworking solution, wet stones are investment-worthy pieces that will extend the life of your knives and last several years in a working kitchen – even with regular use.

And among the different types of grinders on the market, there are:

  • Low-grit (with a grit number of less than 1000) are well suited to blunt knives and tools.
  • Medium-grit (with a grit number between 1000-3000) are best used for regular maintenance and recovery of blunt edges. Though it appears higher in number, this is not as coarse as a low-grit solution.
  • High-grit (with a grit number between 4000-8000) are excellent choices for regular kitchen and food processing use.

If you want to add a wet sharpening stone into your toolkit but have yet to experience the benefits or craftsmanship involved with their use, feel free to speak to the friendly and knowledgeable team at Zanvak. Highly trained and equipped, we can recommend the perfect solution from blades to toolkits and emulsions that will best suit your everyday needs.


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