Stropping Emulsions

At Zanvak, we are proud to be Australia's leading provider of Diamond Emulsions and Pastes. With our extensive experience in blade honing, we prioritize precision, quality, and safety control to deliver exceptional sharpening solutions.

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Upgrade your sharpening routine with our range of Stropping Emulsions and Honing Pastes. These products are designed to take your blades to the next level, providing a professional finish and extending their lifespan.

What is a Strop Compound? A strop compound is an extremely fine abrasive used in the final stages of sharpening to achieve a polished edge. Our selection of compounds includes various grit sizes, ranging from 15 microns (equivalent to a 1000 grit water stone) to 0.5 micron (about 60,000 grit). These compounds contain abrasive particles, such as aluminium oxide, chromium oxide, and diamonds, that are typically held in a medium like wax, paste, or spray.

Investing in a Strop Adding a strop to your regular maintenance routine can make a significant difference in the sharpness and precision of your blades. It's the extra step that takes your sharpening to the next level, resulting in better performance and reduced risk.

Our Expert Insight If you have any questions about which finishing solution will work best for your blades, our knowledgeable team at Zanvak is here to help. With our expertise in knife systems and a deep understanding of tools, we can provide valuable insights and recommendations to find the perfect product for your needs.

Explore our collection of Stropping Emulsions and Honing Pastes today and discover the difference they can make in achieving a truly sharp and refined edge. Trust in Zanvak's commitment to precision and quality to elevate your sharpening game to new heights.


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