Dished Stone

How to Maintain Your Sharpening Stones


Over time sharpening stones will generally show signs of wear by developing a dish in the centre of the stone, this needs to be rectified by lapping the stone using a lapping plate and abrasive powders.

For levelling you will need: 
  • silicon carbide powder

  • toughened etched glass

  • marker or pencil

  • water 

    The levelling process

    1. Select the necessary silicon carbide powder (Course, Medium and Fine)

    2. Pour the selected powder on the glass. 

    3. Spray water on the glass with the added silicon carbide powder. 

    4.  Draw a grid on the dished stone with the marker or pencil. 

    5. Level the abrasive on the glass, using the direction of movements in the form of cross patterns, without additional effort and pressure on the abrasive.  

    6. Repeat the procedure until the grid drawn with the marker or pencil disappears completely from the surface completely 

    7. Remove the formed chamfers by friction against the glass at an angle of 45 degrees if required

    Please note that the powder slurry should not dry out!

    If necessary, repeat the procedure for subsequent levelling.

    Watch How its done below and Here is the tool we used for Lapping

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